Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspirations from last week!

I love to share what inspires me!! I love it even more when others respond and give me feedback when I share my inspirations!

For example....this gorgeous shawl created quite a buzz last week when I shared it on my Facebook page. It is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn, and you will find the link below the picture!


Lion Brand's Ravelry link

Another item that created a little stir, was this sweet picture! I know it isn't crochet, but it would be easy to duplicate. Just follow the link in the picture. It is a lady in Europe who is selling her items online.....but this is so inspirational! Don't ya think?


Annnnnnd.............THIS!!!!! I couldn't find the link, and one of Krissy's followers posted a Ravelry link that would make this bolero!

This cute little number had all of us in a tizzy!! Yes...yes there is  free pattern
 Chicken link

I am sure you understand why this created quite a stir!! No explanation needed here!
Stocking hat

Mixed Media...I am all for it! Especially when it is as stunning as this!! I am sorry I couldn't find a link for this...but it is so inspirational...and it was discussed quite a bit!

This one got a lot of attention as well. I still gasp and drool when I look at this. There was no link...but I am determined to make something similar in the future...and when I do...well...you know I'm gonna tell you about it!!


Well, that's Tuesday's wrap up! I hope you enjoy what others enjoyed, and if you have time stop by my Facebook page. Yes I will show you what is being created at Krissy's house from time to time, but I LOVE showing other's are creating as well! So come join us!