My Vintage Inspired Crochet Creations, Downton Abbey Style!!

Crochet is such a relaxing hobby. The stresses of life seem to roll away with the rhythmic movement of the hook and the yarn sliding over your fingers, helping caress the cares of the day away...and then knowing that you are making something...from a string...something gorgeous...something to satisfy that incessant need to create. So please allow me to share with you what I made last week, while aleveating the cares of the day. Another Vintage Inspired Downton Abbey set. The dress is not my design, but I used my latest crochet pattern that includes instruction for the hat, bib and shoes!! Downton Abbey Inspired Crochet Pattern by KrissysWonders

                                                          Click here to view online

I also adapted the pattern a little, and then designed a diaper! I love creating!!!

                                                          Click here to view online

That's all for today...I have more things to show meanderings...more of my journey as I travel down this lovely path, of creativity!

                                           Downton Abbey Inspired Crochet Pattern

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