Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick Crochet Preview....pssst...It's All About Pumpkins!

Time for a quick Crochet minute. I saw some amazingly gorgeous "Pale Pumpkins" on a European Blog. Sooooooo Pretty...but alas...even with a translator, we couldn't understand the pattern. So sad. Aren't they gorgeous!!

                               pale pumpkin link
So at the urging of others, I figured this out myself...I just haven't found the right color combination, and I think they need some embellishments!!

I don't like the look of the bows...well at least not these bows.

Maybe I can figure something else out, while I am looking for that pale dusty orange yarn. Oh, and keep your eyes open...because I am not through...these pumpkins WILL be embellished, and when I do...well let's just say I hope you will like it!