Snood / Cowl Tutorial Tomorrow, Crochet Preview Tonight!

I love Chiffon just toss them over your head, fluff them into place, and they just flitter and float as you walk.!

It also converts into a hood!!! Then if you are caught in a light rain or snow, you can pull it up over your head. 

There are so many different prints in chiffons and lightweight fabrics, and they all seem to be suited for a cowl or snood!!

My niece loves to wear these when she is on a long flight. If she doesn't want anyone to bother her, she just pulls it up over her head and hides!

I also love making infinity scarves as well!! There is always something being created at Krissy's house!

Stop by this evening for a quick preview of what is being crocheted at Krissy's House, and don't forget the Snood Tutorial tomorrow!!! Come back and see me!! Make sure to follow and add me to your circles...I wouldn't want you to miss anything. :)

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