Candy Corn Crochet

I love Candy Corn!!

Candy Corn is my weakness! If you mix them with salted peanuts in a container, and let them sit for a few days, it will taste like a payday candy bar, another weakness!

Payday candy bars and candy corn are my two favorite candies.

I no longer eat candy corn and paydays, and I hear that in Germany candy corn is a banned product. It seems the yellow food dye causes cancer. OH WELL...if you can't consume candy corn, why not indulge in Candy Corn Crochet!!!

Every year I come up with a Candy Corn design, and this year it is Candy Corn Shoes, and here is the pattern for you to enjoy!!
           KrissysWonders Presents
           Candy Corn Baby Shoes

 Any Worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart “I Love This Yarn” & Red Heart Super Saver

Supply list: 6 - ½” buttons, 3 per shoe; sewing needle and thread color of choice & Scotch Tape

Stitch Key
beg = beginning
CH= chain
SC= single crochet
SLP ST= slip stitch
HDC= half double crochet
HDC DEC= half double crochet decrease
sp = space
nxt st = next stitch
nxt = next
ST = stitch
repeat between * * = repeat the sequence that is between the * * as many times as stated
x = times, will follow number, example repeat sequence 8x or 8 times
parenthesis w/ number, for example, HDC in nxt st (2x)
= complete 1 HDC in the nxt st, twice
Color suggestions (orange, yellow, and white for candy corn combo) or (Dark brown, burnt orange, and cream or white, for indian corn combo)

0-3 month (F/5/3.75MM) hook          3 – 6 month (H/8/5.00MM) hook
Pattern notes for bootie/shoe

Beginning CH does not count as stitch

HDC DEC = Yarn over, insert hook in nxtST, pull up a loop, (3 loops on hook) with remaining loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook in nxt ST, pull up a loop (6 loops on hook) Yarn over, pull through all loops on hook
Round 1: (With Yellow or Brown Yarn) CH 10, 2 SC in 2nd CH from hook; SC in nxt st (5x); HDC in nxt st (2x); 8 HDC in last CH; Working down the other side of your chain; HDC in nxt st (2x); SC in nxt st (5x); 2 SC in last st; join w/ SLP ST in top of beg. SC (joining to the first sc will shove the beg. CH 1 to the back of work, making a recessed seam that isn’t as visible.) (26 st)

Round 2: CH 1, 2 SC in joining ST, 2 SC in nxt st; SC in nxt st (8x); 2 SC in nxt st (5x); SC in nxt st (10)x; 2 SC in nxt st; join w/ SLP ST in top of beg. SC (34 st) Base for sole: 0-3 months = 3”    6-9 months = 3 ½”

Round 3: CH 2; HDC in joining ST, and in each ST around; w/ SLP ST in top of beg. HDC (34st)

Round 4: Repeat Round 3; NOTE: at end of round 4, drop yellow or brown yarn to the back and using orange or burnt orange yarn, join w/SLP ST in top of beg. SC

Round 5: CH 1, SC in joining ST, SC in nxt st (8x); *HDC in nxt st, HDC DEC * repeat 5 more x; SC in nxt st (7x); join w/ SLP ST in top of beg. SC (28 st)

Round 6: CH 1, SC in joining st, SC in nxt st 8x; HDC DEC 7x; SC in nxt st 5x; join w/slp st in top of beg. SC (21 st)

Round 7 : CH 1, SC in joining st, SC in nxt st (8x); HDC DEC (3x); SC in nxt st (6x); drop orange or burnt orange yarn to the back and using white or cream yarn, join w/slp st in top of beg. SC (18 st)

Round 8:

Option 1: (This is edge on Indian Corn shoe) CH 1 and SC in each st, around top of shoe, joining w/SLP ST in beg. SC; fasten off, and weave in all yarn tails, 

Option2; This is the edge on Candy Corn shoe;  CH 1, SLP ST in joining st; *CH 1, SLP ST in nxt st* Complete sequence between *  * in each st around; join w/SLP ST at base of beg. joining ST; fasten off, weave in ends.

0-3 month = top edge of shoe = 1 ¾”- 2”           6-9 months =  2-2 ¼”  

Finishing measurements: 0-3 month = Shoe from heel to toe = 3 ½”; Shoe opening = 2”
Finishing measurements: 6-9 month = Shoe from heel to toe = 4”; Shoe opening = 2 ¼”


Button Application

Lay three buttons on a table or mat, lining them up evenly so that they are lightly touching, making sure to line up all holes evenly.


Tear off a 6” piece of scotch tape, and place over the buttons, as pictured below.


Then pick up the scotch tape, with the buttons sticking to it, and place the tape with buttons, in position on the shoe, in the place that you desire. 

Thread your needle and tie a large knot in your thread tail, to keep it from pulling through, and proceed to sew the buttons in place, leaving the scotch tape intact, to keep the buttons from moving. (I will take a stitch in each button at the beginning, this holds them in place better, because they can still shift and move even with the tape application) When you are finished sewing on the buttons, gently peel the scotch tape off of the buttons and shoe.

This pattern is protected by copyright© KrissysWonders 2014. Do not sell, alter, or redistribute this pattern in any way or form. You have my permission to sell your finished product, but you are responsible for the finished product. I ask that you please link back to me the designer at www.krissyswonders/

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You will find some of my other candy corn designs below. The patterns are available for purchase, and they will be on sale in my Ravelry shop from 9/5/2014 through 9/12/2014

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