Monday, September 8, 2014

The Top Vote Getters!!

What a blessing it is to share designs that inspire me on my facebook page KrissysWonders. Some of the designs that I stumble across are so outstanding, and they usually have a pattern as well. I am afraid they will get lost in the great abyss of my failing memory, so the designs that get the most attention will be chronicled here on my blog, periodically.

I am so thankful that I found this design!! I will be making these this winter!! Get the free pattern right HERE!!

Scarecrows!! They would be perfect beside of my pumpkins!!! You can find the pattern HERE!

I am really praying for an easy winter, even though I think snowen are sooooo cute, and this table runner was a hit! Cute blog too, you can get there, by clicking HERE!

An adorable Horse bookmark! What better way to encourage your children to read, and they will be at the top of their Sunday School class with one of these in their Bible. The link is right HERE!!

Puhhhhhretty!!!! What a great way to dress up an outfit! The link is HERE!!!

This adorable set caused quite a stir. Get the pattern HERE!

This is the last one!! The border is what this design is all about!! The link is right HERE!!

I hope you enjoyed the KrissysWonders Chronicle, because "that's a wrap"!