Free Boot Cuff Crochet Pattern

January is marching on, and it is cold and snowy here at Krissy's house. We just had our first real snow of the winter season, which is remarkable to say the least. Having said all of that, it make's for the perfect time to release my boot cuff pattern. Scroll down to view the pattern, and if you would like to make the matching headband, you will find the pattern here and it's free.

The boot cuff 
is made from the top down, or from the bottom up, whichever way you decide to wear it. You start in the round making the ribbing, and then execute cross stitches, and then you can add a ripple edging or a scalloped edging, it's your choice.  If you are a ravelry lover, you can download the pattern here.

Boot Cuff Crochet Pattern

These boot cuffs can be worn two different ways, either with the ribbed side or scalloped side up.  Any worsted weight yarn. The yarn used in the picture above is Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” Approx. 220 to 270 yards

Hook: J – 10/6.00mm

Gauge: 4x4 = 6 Cross Stitches x 10 rows in pattern of cross stitch row/SC row

Supplies (Optional):
Any other buttons or crystal embellishments of choice

Pattern Notes:
1. Beginning CH 2 on boot cuff does not count as a stitch, but will recede and become a Mock BP HDC
2. Beginning CH 3  Counts as a DC during Cross Stitch Rows
3. Beginning CH 1  Counts as a SC during the SC rows
Some crochet artist can achieve gauge width wise, but cannot horizontally, and vice versa. I have added measurements throughout the pattern so that can easily see if an added row is needed or eliminated.

Special Stitches: Cross Stitch = Skip ST, DC in nxt ST; Cross back going in front of DC just made, and DC in skipped ST                       

Scallop = 4 DC in nxt ST      

Stitch Guide
join w/ = join with;       
 SLP ST = Slip Stitch;      
CH = Chain;      
SC = Single Crochet;
HDC = Half Double Crochet;    
= Double Crochet;   
FP HDC = Front Post Half Double Crochet  
BP HDC = Back Post Half Double Crochet
SC DEC = Single  Crochet Decrease (Insert hook, pull up a loop, with remaining loops on hook, insert hook in nxt ST and pull up a loop, yarn over hook and pull through all loops on hook)         
nxt = Next;       *  * = Repeat between the stars the number of times stated;  x = Times; example Repeat 2 x or 2 times; 3 x or 3 times and so on;
in = example “in nxt st” means you will be inserting the hook under the top two loops of the next stitch, or around the post of the next stitch to complete the sequence    

Color guide for sizes
Tween to ex small
Small to Medium
Large to EX. Large
1XL  2XL
                                                 Boot Cuffs
Tween to ex small      Small to Medium     Large to EX. Large 1XL  2XL

Make foundation CH  32  34  36 38 40
Being careful not to twist your foundation CH join in ring with a SLP ST in 1st CH

Round 1: CH 2; HDC in nxt CH and in each CH around; join w/SLP ST in beg. HDC see pattern note 1
(31  33  35 37 39 HDC)

                                       Ribbing rows or rounds will follow

Round 2: CH 2; FP HDC in nxt ST; * BP HDC in nxt st; FP HDC in nxt st* Repeat 14  15  16 17 18x more; join w/SLP ST in beg. HDC (15  16  17  18  19  BP HDC) (16  17  18  19  20  FP HDC)

Rounds 3-5 (3-6) (3-7) (3-8) (3-9)  : Repeat Round 2; It is important that when completing Round  5  6  7 8 or 9  ; Join w/SLP ST to second CH of beginning CH 2, or the mock BP HDC, as this will give you the correct stitch count for the cross stitch rows   (2”  2 ½”  3” 3 ½” 4”  Height)

                                SC & Cross Stitch rows will follow (See  Special Stitches for Cross stitch)
Round 6  7 8  9  10: CH 1; SC in joining ST and in each ST around; join w/SLP ST in beg. SC
(32  34  36  38  40  SC)

Round 7  8  9  10  11  : CH 3; Cross back to last SC of previous Round, and execute DC, 1st Cross Stitch made; *Cross Stitch * Repeat 14x  15x  16x  17x 18x  more; join w/SLP ST in 3rd CH of beginning CH 3
(16  17  18  19  20  Cross Stitches)

Rounds 8-13 (9-14) (10-15)  (11-16)  (12-17)  : Repeat Rounds  6 & 7   7 & 8    8 & 9  9 &10  10&11  consecutively

Round 14  15  16  17  18: Repeat Round 6  7  8  9 10

Ripple edge: *CH 1; SLP ST in nxt ST* repeat around, join w/SLP ST in beginning ST; end off secure and weave in all ends.

                                                              (See  Special Stitches for Scallop stitch)
Scalloped edge: SLP ST in nxt st; CH1, SC in nxt ST; Skip ST, Scallop in nxt ST, Skip St; *SC in nxt St, Skip ST; Scallop in nxt ST, skip ST; * Repeat 6  8  9  10 more x; join w/SLP ST to beginning SC, end off weave in and secure ends.

                                                               Finished Measurements
5 ¼”   6”     6 ¾”  7 ½” 8 ¼” wide folded;  5 ¾”    6    6½”   7”  7 ½” tall
You can wear your cuff with the rippled or scalloped edge peeking out of your boot, or turn it and have the ribbed edge showing.

This pattern is protected by copyright© KrissysWonders 2014/2015. Do not sell, alter or redistribute this pattern in any way or form. You have my permission to sell your finished product, but you are responsible for the finished product.
You can find more exciting patterns at www.krissyswonders/

I hope you enjoy the free patterns that I have on my blog. It brings me great joy to offer them to you!

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