My Joy is complete!!!

My joy is complete, the pattern is written! God is so good! I always rejoice when I am finished writing a pattern. God has placed so many wonderful ladies in my path that are willing to test my patterns before I release them for purchase. They wade through my jibberish, catching the number errors, typos, and just plain old mistakes. They are amazing!! HATS OFF TO MY TESTERS!!!

What's next? Well let me tell you! My Downton Abbey Inspired Pillbox hat is what's next and boy is it a stunner!! The testers have had it in their hands for a few days now. What are the results you may ask? The results are that I have been running a few rabbit trails. I cannot help it!! I am working with this pattern, sizing it for children and infants, and then the light bulb comes on, and a new coordinating design comes rolling off my hook! So stay tuned, because I am having so much fun, and if I am having fun, I know you will enjoy the end result. 

Click here to purchase the Cloche, the pattern for the pillbox, will be coming soon!!

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