What Joy!!!

Crochet is a craft that brings such comfort and joy to my soul. The rhythmic motion is so cathartic, having the ability to wash away the stress of the day. I often crochet while my husband is driving. We live in a very rugged area, and the roads are pretty "twisty turney".  I know that isn't proper English, but that is how I describe the roads that we travel.

It amazes me that I don't get carsick. I think it is the movement of the hook. Actually I don't know why, but I do know that if I crochet while my husband is driving on the "twisty turney" roads I am not stressed, and it has helped our marriage tremendously!

I have also been writing crochet patterns, and I have a couple of upcoming releases. Here is the first one. It is my Chunky Downton Abbey Cloche. I will release it tomorrow evening. So excited!

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