Chicken Sweaters Are Going To The Hens

Words can't express how excited we are at Krissy's House! If the weather cooperates, a ride to church will ensue, and it is there that Miss Jenny will receive Chicken Sweaters to try for her sweet hen Sparkle, who is having some health issues, and I have now written the pattern. You can pick up the pattern here


It seems that Sparkle began to molt, and while Miss Jenny was baby sitting a border collie, he chased her down and pulled out her feathers, and her skin is red and chapped. Those feathers will not grow back until Spring, and that is a long way off.

When the design process starts, there is always more than one idea rolling around in my head, and leaving them undone is unthinkable. So now there are three designs for her to choose from.

An extended Scalloped edge

2. A Simple lace edge

3. The original scalloped edge

So the good news for Sparkle is, there will be a few designs for Miss Jenny to choose from. Let's hope they fit, and that the weather will allow us to get to church in the morning.

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