Chicken Sweaters on Trial

Yes my Chicken Sweaters are on trial, since they haven't been tested on a real chicken yet.

What a wonderful time was had yesterday designing these sweet sweaters for Miss Jenny's chickens, and I can't wait for her to try them on her hens. After some communication with her this morning she assured me that she is excited to be getting them for her babies. 

The designer in me is having trouble switching gears, there are so many ideas rolling around in my head on how to dress these cute little sweaters up. They actually look like little dresses that have a little cap sleeve,  don't you think? Of course Miss Jenny will let me know the outcome, whether to keep the cap sleeve, or what kind of adjustments to make. That is why they are on trial, or just waiting for their first dress rehearsal. 


Yes, my evening will be consumed with Chicken Sweaters....stay tuned .....

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