Crochet Chicken Sweaters

I always thought that chicken sweaters were for those of a whimsical spirit. Those few that gather eggs with wide brimmed straw hats carrying a large wicker basket that is lined with calico fabrics trimmed in lace, and a spray of flowers laid to one side of the that they had just picked from their perennial flower garden, all the while cooing and calling to their sweet chickens. All is neat and special in their world. Sigh...the place I want to be at all times in my life.

Upon further investigation, or upon being duly informed, chicken sweaters have a practical use. Chickens who are molting can benefit greatly from a sweater. Especially during this cold weather. 

So I have taken the challenge! My husband has just left for work, and I am going to crochet some chicken sweaters. I have cut out my pattern with a piece of camouflage fleece, and I have my cup of coffee in hand, yarn and hook are beside my favorite chair, pen and paper in my other hand, and I am going to crochet the afternoon away. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

First let me share with you a great picture of a chicken wearing a knit sweater. This etsy shop sell knit chicken sweaters. You should check out their store. 

                                           Paul Farm
                      These girls look so cute in their sweaters.
                 They are knit though, and I am looking to crochet.


So this is the style that I am going to try today. I will be crocheting an apron type of Chicken sweater. Be back tomorrow to give you an update. :)

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