Free Crochet Pattern for A Flower Basket

Loving lace is something that is shared by many, as well as a love for flowers. They are often translated into many crochet designs, an idea to which I am not immune. So it only seemed natural that when I started designing baskets, that they would have a lace edge and the teeny basket would have a flowered edge, and you will find the pattern for this cute basket below, but there is a whole collection of baskets to match this little cutie. Here is the link
Basket Collection

They are just the right size for jelly beans. Oh but I mentioned lace didn't I? 

I will have the patterns to many other patterns in my etsy shop and my Ravelry store. Please come and visit, but without further's the Pattern for the Little Flower Basket!

Holding two strands of any worsted weight yarn, I think Red Heart Super Saver is wonderful, but any worsted weight yarn is good. On this particular basket, I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in “Ivory”, and small amount of Patons Décor in “Frond”

Hook: L- 11/8mm

Stitch Guide
  = join w/ = join with    MC = Main Color  CC = Contrasting Color    
SLP ST = Slip Stitch       CH = Chain  
SC = Single Crochet  HDC = Half Double Crochet   DC = Double Crochet   TRB = Treble Crochet                     H BP HDC = High Back Post Half Double Crochet

SP = Space   BLO = Back Loop Only    nxt = Next 
*  * = Repeat between the stars the number of times stated;  x = Times; example Repeat 2 x or 2 times; 3 x or 3 times and so on;
in = example “in nxt st” means you will be inserting the hook under the top two loops of the next stitch to complete stitch or sequence of stitches stated.

Pattern Notes:
1: Beginning CH of each round, does not count as a stitch

Pictorial Instruction for High Back Post Half Double Crochet - H BP HDC

This is not the standard way of executing a H BP HDC, but is how to execute for this basket…so I am calling it a High Back Post Half Double Crochet.

Little Flower Basket (Please use “L” hook)

Holding 2 strands of MC; CH 3 and join in ring, or execute a magic circle  (NOTE: Beginning CH’s do not count as a stitch)

Round 1: CH 1; 10 HDC in ring; join w/SLP ST in 1st HDC (10 HDC)

Round 2: CH 1; 2 HDC in nxt ST and in each ST around; join w/SLP ST in 1st HDC (20 HDC)

Round 3: CH 1; H BP HDC in nxt ST, and in each st around; join w/SLP ST in 1st HDC (20 HDC)

Round 4: CH 1; SC in nxt st, and in each st around; join w/SLP ST in 1st SC (20 SC)

Round 5 & 6: Repeat Round 4, end off at end of Round 6 (20 SC)

Flower Edge (Please use “H” hook for next step)
Using one strand only of CC; turn the basket so the inside is facing you, and attach w/SLP ST in BLO anywhere on Round 6 (sometimes I just tie it on there, whatever is easiest for you, continue to hold the basket so that the inside is facing you); CH1, this should be a tight CH 1; (NOTE: if using a stiff yarn, please use a DC instead of a TRB) TRB(4x) in BLO of nxt st (First petal made) * tight SLP ST in BLO of nxt st; TRB(4x) in BLO of nxt st;* Complete sequence between the  *  * around the top edge, joining with SLP ST in beginning CH 1; End off, weave in and secure ends. (10 petals)

This pattern is protected by copyright© KrissysWonders 2015. Do not sell, alter or redistribute this pattern in any way or form. You have my permission to sell your finished product, but you are responsible for the finished product.
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