Crochet Baskets! What a Winner!

We are still crocheting at Krissy's house, and new basket designs are coming off the hook. There are other things coming off my hook as well, but we will talk of those at another time!

Let me introduce you to my collection of Shell Baskets. They are large, one of my testers said the largest one was enormous. I was happy when I heard her say that. 

 Notice the basket with the skeins of yarn, I had to stuff the bottom of the basket with fabric, so the tops would rise up enough to show in the picture! This would be great in babies room to store diapers, or to use as a small clothing hamper.

The drop over fan edge on the baskets, is beautiful.


The baskets with handles would be great for a child's room to store toys!

The medium basket is just the right size for so many things!

If you would like to purchase the pattern for these baskets, you can always find them in my Ravelry store.


You will find the whole collection as an ebook in my etsy shop.

Please join us on my Facebook page...I will have a time of free downloading when I release this pattern on May 8, at 7:00 p.m. EST


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