Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Let's Show Some Love!!

Yes, this has been done before...but...

I think we need to send some encouragement to this lady whose name is Stacey. The photo of this messy bun hat went viral on Facebook in mid December, and everyone was screaming for the pattern. The lady that designed this, ran out of yarn while making a hat. Then she took a random picture of someone wearing this unfinished hat, and voila!! A new and much needed fashion accessory was born, and messy bun hat!

This concept isn't new, we have all heard of a ponytail hat, but she nailed it with an adorable model wearing a messy bun! SCORE for her! Great job Stacey!

Now that the pattern is written everyone is sending critical comments and opinions on Facebook. Some are leaving harsh comments on Ravelry. I love Ravelry, it is a wonderful place, but hey... I am still learning the ropes over there. It can be complicated.

Wouldn't it be totally wonderful if we could all show her some love on Ravelry. Let's all leave her some encouraging notes in the comments section of her pattern! It doesn't cost you anything to be an encouragement, it will actually make you happier, and that has many benefits. Harsh and discouraging words take so much from all of us. It takes our happiness, and can create bitterness, which in turn can affect our health.

Soooo...if you can drop her an encouraging note...that would be lovely!